Kencing MANIS ??? Mari rendahkan bacaan gula dalam darah ... dengan BIOS LIFE C

Perkongsian dari rakan niaga dari Singapore by Kak Dilla 

Thank you Paulina & Emil for sharing.. 

Here is a sharing of my awesome partner Emil on her mom's sugar level!!

Here is the comparison of my mom’s blood sugar reading on our home glucometer. It showed a significant improvement from her days of blood sugar level reading reaching 19 to 7 in May and till few days ago, it is only 4, showing normal. She is still on diabetes medication & insulin injection but the good news is doctor has taken her off her morning dosages (meaning 6 lesser pills for her to consume) and her doctor’s appointment is spaced three months once now unlike before, she has to go monthly.

I know diabetes, a life threatening disease, if not treated properly can lead to many complications affecting vital organs. I’ve seen many close family members affected seriously by it. Diabetes can lead to renal failure, cardiac arrests, blindness, and stroke and can also lead to diabetic coma, a state of unconsciousness. Diabetes can also cause numbness, a state where a person does not have any feelings. My mom experienced this. But now she shared that slowly she can start to feel her toes and fingers.

I am grateful and thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to help my mom to prevent all of the above insyaallah (if God wills it) especially since she is a cancer patient with a very fragile immune system. Even though I am not close to her, always argue, ignore, bully her… haha… I always has a soft spot for her… What to do… She’s my mom maa! Plus my mom is a funny person! Really! You will never guess she suffers from critical illness until she starts talking! Haha!

Anyway, yesterday & every other day, my mom will come to me and said proudly that despite being a cancer patient who goes through chemotherapy every month, she is thankful & grateful that she can still walk, run errands, look after her grandchildren, go out with her friends, visit Nyai (my grandma) & etc. Alhamdullilah (All thanks to God)!

Kepada anda di luar sana yang mengetahui insan-insan yang AMAT MEMERLUKAN yang menderita sakit kencing manis, atau yang ada simptom-simptom SAKIT KENCING MANIS...mungkin bantuan anda untuk berkongsi maklumat produk ini akan dapat membantu menceriakan hari-hari mereka selanjutnya.

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